OpenPRO Sacco Managment Software

Loan Management& Dividends/Interest Workbench

Allows online loan applications. Loan repayments can be made via mpesa Members can have several concurrent active loans each with different completion periods. Automatic dividend calculations and transfers to member’s shares. saving interest are calculated as advised based on user selectable methods and are transferred to customer accounts directly. Has varied loan products with very flexible repayment periods; Monthly Loans Quarterly Loans Weekly Loans -Scheduled Loans Bi-Weekly Loans -Schedules Loans Daily Loans with elaborate repayments & daily penalties All Loan and shares products are user configurable with numerous parameters, keywords and standards that brings the exact solution that fits you. You can even design your own commissions and charges and apply them to loans.

Remittance, Savings & Member Shares Management

Supports basic savings account types: term deposits, savings, shares. Shares dividends can be calculated either based on interest rate, or profit figure for the year (distributed equally between members, based on savings). Can define stepped rates or bonus interest to allow changing interest earned depending on amount saved. Minimum balance for account can be set Interest rate changes can be backdated, and accrued interest is corrected accordingly


User Groups $ Super User. This user will be granted privileges to add other system users and assign their roles. This will be the supervisor account. The super user will have access to: (a)Configuration and role privileges setup for all users, (b)Create, edit, search and delete users. Internal Users will have access to: All functions of the system running on the system, Common system functions and accounts Logs of all activities on the system by all users. External users (Members): Access to their statements (Loans & savings) $ Messaging.

General Ledger Accounting & Budget Control

OpenSACCO PRO accounting is flexible and allows you to structure your own chart of accounts by giving broad blocks on which to build on. A template chart of accounts is provided to give you a good start .Available functionalities handle all aspects of financial accounting, budgeting, reporting, consolidation and transaction processing with the appropriate internal controls.

Membership $ Customer Registers(CRM)

Captures all legal and statistical details. Captures next of kin details Captures passport photos and also Can block, black list or restrict members and customers

Clients Portal (Customer Self Service)

Client side customer portal, View personal statement, Log personal queries, Apply Loan,Request Loan reschedule

Communication &Broadcasting-sms integration

Custom Messaging portal, Sms usage trackers, Payments notification messaging