OpenPRO Rental Managment Software

Mpesa $ Bank Payment Integration

The System is fully integrated with your paybill number such that you get to receive notifications promptly on your software once the tenants make payments. The same applies to selected bank payments.

Reports & Statements

Generate robust reports and statements from records stored in the system and export them to excel or PDF for further processing. Both reports and statement are flexible for various periods.

Invoice $ Receipts

Replace all paper-based billing with OpenPRO that allows you to send invoices and receipts for rent, utility and maintenance payments with a special features for bulk invoicing. All ledger accounts can be customized to your preference.

Email & Sms Notifications

This special features helps the system administrator send important reminders and notifications to tenants ensuring efficient and timely communications.

Online Record Keeping

OpenPRO allows you to keep all your real estate records online and give access to various stakeholders with restricted access including tenants, landlords and other management staff.

Registration of Multiple System Users

Multiple system users can be registered, who may have limited access to specific functions, forms and reports within the program. OpenPRO RMS is completely web based and operates in real time.